Effective Budgeting for Businesses Today

About the Book
Our Principal Consultant and Trainer, Mr. Dominic Shum, has written an informative and useful book on business budgeting with the title “Effective Budgeting for Businesses today”. The book, published by Partridge Publishing Singapore in association with Tan Yen Wooi & Co, will go a long way to help businesses and managers in coming out with effective budgets with guide and best practices throughout the budgeting process.

Budgeting is the annual process most businesses go through to enable them to plan for the next year’s performance in order to achieve their organizational goals. The book is drawn upon Dominic’s own experiences as a professional in the field and feedback given by his many participants and students who attended his seminars or classes. Dominic hopes that this book can provide clarity on the topic and is easily assimilated by all who does budgeting or is studying how to do it.








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Book Details

Author : Dominic Shum 
Publisher:  Partridge Singapore 
Number of  Pages : 96
Published: FEB 2019  
Target Audience :  Businesspersons,  entrepreneurs, departmental managers, finance and accounting staff, financial analyst, business planning managers, general managers, financial controllers, CFOs, COOs, CEOs, Directors, consultants
Content:  Guide for executing the budgeting process effectively
Book URL: https://www.effectivebudgeting.net/