DRC Trainer’s Bureau

DRC Services provides a wide range of training topics and keep our  prices low because we utilize a group of associate trainers and consultants instead of keeping full time staff. Our Associates are very qualified and in most cases are running their own training firm and they are experts in their chosen field.  If you want to be part of DRC Services group of experts you can avail yourself to be included in our trainer’s bureau by sending your resume and list of topics/topic outlines to dominic@drcservices.com.my . When there is a match between what you offer and what DRC clients wants then we will screen your details and engage you as a freelance trainer. 

List of consultants/Trainers associate with DRC Services Trainer Bureau.

Dr. Ong Seng Fook – Market Research, Strategic Planning, education based consulting

Ms Shum FP- Publishing and Event management Training/Consulting.

Dr. Weng Kai Lam, Quality Management,  ISO series of standards,  Material Flow Cost Accounting: ISO 14051, HACP

Tun Haji Izhar Kahar – Project Feasibility Studies, Management Accounting and Consulting Processes

Ng Kean Kok,  Financial Management, Internal Audit, MBRS, MFRS, MPERS, GST, Companies Act 2016

Kenneth Foo, Company Secretarial Practice, Companies Act 2016